How to train your Yorkie Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier, better known as Yorkie is a wonderful pet. But you have to train your Yorkie puppies properly if you want them to behave like an ideal toy pet. In order to do so, the training must began in their early age.

Remember, Yorkies are one of the smartest breed of dogs. Yorkie puppies can learn things very quickly comparing with other common household pets. But there are some basic techniques you should follow when your Yorkie puppies are undergoing their first training.  If you follow these techniques, the training can be done very efficiently. These techniques are developed to make you pet handling very easy for you.

Yorkie puppies

Among the household, only you should take charge in training as a master. You probably do not want anyone else to take charge, as it can make your puppies confused about who their rightful owner is. For you Yorkie puppies, be reliable all the times.

Do not forget to set rules for your Yorkie puppies. You have to ensure that everyone else in the household follow those rules. Act like the leader of their pack. You should also set limitations and boundaries for your puppies. The key to success is to be always compatible.

Yorkie puppies

Yorkie puppies


You must not physically hurt your Yorkie puppies ever as a punishment of misbehaving. One thing is, as they are pretty fragile, they could be seriously injured. Then again physically hurting the puppies will never be helpful. Rather it could trigger their aggressiveness to worsen their behavior. By showing a discontented energy, let them feel that what they did is not tolerable. From their point of view, never act like you pity them. Moreover, whenever they show good behaviors, reward them by praising, petting, or giving affection. Treating them will work fine as well.

Whatever the circumstances are, remember that change of behavior in your Yorkie puppies does not take overnight. Do not bombard them with so many things to do. Make sure they get good rests after a tiring session of training.