Traing guideline of Yorkie Puppies

Let your Yorkie puppies know that you’re the boss. Show your authority during obedience lessons. Try to set clear boundaries about what the puppies are allowed to do and what is forbidden.

Keep sessions brief when training Yorkie puppies. Train only a single command at any given time.

Use food treats as rewards when training. Give a treat and verbal praise when your puppies respond correctly to commands.

Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie Puppies picture

Choose a light-weight collar. The collar should be loose enough to allow you to inset a finger or two between the strap and the Yorkie puppies’ neck. Allow the Yorkie to wear the collar for a few days to become familiar with it before introducing him to a leash.

Let the Yorkie puppies roam on a long leash before calling their name and ordering “come.” Accompany this with a fast but gentle jerk on the leash. Repeat the command using various distances.  Take off the leash when your puppies learn to obey the “come” command, and teach him to come when unleashed.

Order your puppies to “heel” and slap your thigh during obedience lessons to train him to walk next to you with his head by your leg.

Arrange the Yorkie puppies in the sitting position, order “stay,” and then walk away from them. If they obey, give them treats and verbal praise while they are still sitting.

Train your Yorkie puppies to lie down by moving a treat forward and then downward across there faces. This maneuver requires them to drop down to reach the treat.

Order your Yorkie puppies to “leave it” after tossing a treat onto the ground. Walk them past the treat, but don’t let them pick it up. This is an important part of training which could prevent the puppies from eating something dangerous or picking up a forbidden item, like a shoe.

Help your Yorkie puppies to become obedient and enjoyable companions by teaching other basic commands such as “sit,” “fetch,” or “drop it.”